château on a cloud

The area of my kitchen in which I am decidedly Greek is the part immediately in front of the kitchen sink. The base section of the faucet with the threading has completely come undone from the err… useful faucet bit (technical term), which now requires plumber’s tape to keep it connected to the base and hose. The water pressure, however, has different ideas about how this should go down and regularly overpowers the tape to shoot the faucet off the base and spray the wall next to the sink. I frequently forget to hold the faucet in place and inadvertently repeat this process every morning, followed closely by some choice Greek euphemism-cum-endearments (but in the moment are, of course, the former). I am certain one of our various duct tape solutions will win the day, but in the meantime I have a very, very clean wall.

Graphical analysis of (too) early mornings in my kitchen.

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