this is my life now

I’m getting ready to move into a more permanent home, when I meet the neighbours who are chatting in the long, gravel driveway next door.

only a little bit of a stretch…

New Neighbour Dave: “It’s a busy road.”

New Neighbour Gerald: “Yup.”

Me: “Oh, it’s ok, I’ve lived on main streets in Toronto and New York… I’m not sure busy for you is the same as busy for me.” (*wonders retroactively if this point is in my favour or not… shuts up hastily*)

NND: “Second busiest highway in the Valley”

NNG: “Yup. The busiest one is Highway 1.”

Me: (quietly, not sure if it’ll gain me any points…) “That’s where I live now.”

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château on a cloud

The area of my kitchen in which I am decidedly Greek is the part immediately in front of the kitchen sink. The base section of the faucet with the threading has completely come undone from the err… useful faucet bit (technical term), which now requires plumber’s tape to keep it connected to the base and hose. The water pressure, however, has different ideas about how this should go down and regularly overpowers the tape to shoot the faucet off the base and spray the wall next to the sink. I frequently forget to hold the faucet in place and inadvertently repeat this process every morning, followed closely by some choice Greek euphemism-cum-endearments (but in the moment are, of course, the former). I am certain one of our various duct tape solutions will win the day, but in the meantime I have a very, very clean wall.

Graphical analysis of (too) early mornings in my kitchen.

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c’est pas graves

…except when it is. The region, that is. I’m about a week behind on posting, so I have TWO weeks to tell you about, plus a teaser about where I am for my week of vacation.

Science, like the internet, is always right.

Science, like the internet, is always right.

Last week brought a whole different kind of school – one focused around the journal club that we’re starting; a class structure that allows each of us to research our own topics and bring our own scientific articles to educate and engage each other in discussion on viticultural issues. Remember that scientific mumbo-jumbo from a few posts back? Yeah, reading articles is tougher than it looks. We start by learning HOW to read articles. The first thing we learn is: don’t believe everything you read.  Sort of. Read More