farewell tour de france: bordeaux and the rest

Bordeaux, the star of my whole trip.

Deep in the throes of procrastination, I realize it has been three months since the events in this post have taken place. Fortunately I’ve gotten the afternoon off work today due to a nor’easter hitting snowy Wolfville, so it seems like a good time to curl up on the couch inside and write something. Sorry in advance (I am definitely a Canadian!) – I insist this blog follows the stories in chronological order, so I will not talk about my move or new job until the next post. It’s worth the wait, I promise! For the moment, I am rewinding to the middle of December, where the last post left me (slightly warmer) in the Loire Valley.

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livin’ on the kedge

think I have a job. I’m mostly sure – I have an email in my inbox which seems to suggest I’ve been offered a stage, or internship. There’s still an interview to come, but it sounds like it’s more to confirm details than to ascertain whether I’m an axe murderer (I’m not, I promise….Although that’s exactly what an axe murderer would say… oh dear. Nobody tell the folks in Alsace about this.) There’s nothing to negotiate, really. All interns are paid the same – a minimum of €500 per month (roughly a month’s rent in Bordeaux) – and this particular offer includes lodging, so this is a pretty good deal. I’ll tell you more about it when I’m sure that I have this stage. Read More