game of rhônes

I’m in a race. Not a foot race….pffft. (I can’t seem to get past the carb-loading part.) It’s on a wine app I discovered almost two years ago. Vivino lets me keep track of wines I’ve tasted, by rating and reviewing them. Some people can remember tastes and smells easily (I’m not one of them), so this tool helps me keep track of what I’ve tried, and prompts my own sensory memories with my notes. I made the mistake of introducing this app to my original wine mentor, and though I had a year head-start on him, he’s rapidly closing the gap on me, while I’m scrambling to stay ahead of him. This wine tasting thing is getting cut-throat!


Like any good aunt, I’m starting my nephew young. And Philippe’s ranking is already out of date….now somewhere in the 280s, he’s catching up fast. Quick… fetch me some wine!

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