c’est pas graves

…except when it is. The region, that is. I’m about a week behind on posting, so I have TWO weeks to tell you about, plus a teaser about where I am for my week of vacation.

Science, like the internet, is always right.

Science, like the internet, is always right.

Last week brought a whole different kind of school – one focused around the journal club that we’re starting; a class structure that allows each of us to research our own topics and bring our own scientific articles to educate and engage each other in discussion on viticultural issues. Remember that scientific mumbo-jumbo from a few posts back? Yeah, reading articles is tougher than it looks. We start by learning HOW to read articles. The first thing we learn is: don’t believe everything you read.  Sort of. Read More

a bordelaise thanksgiving

My (already decent-sized) family is lucky enough to have lots of relatives on both maternal and paternal branches of the family tree, so Thanksgiving weekend typically has two massive feasts: the Chinese side on the Saturday, followed by the Taylor side on the Sunday (and a day of yoga pants and recovery on the Monday). Some of my friends have been able to join in the festivities when, for whatever reason, I have deemed them to be ‘homeless’ on Thanksgiving (not allowed where I come from). This holiday – the one time of the year to simply be grateful for food, family and friends – has always been a time I make sure to be home.  Up until now.  This is the first time I’ve not made it back to Canada with my family for Thanksgiving. Read More

it’s business time

This is how my life looks everyday.

This is my other house.

You may think that I’m only sharing the things that make this look fun and easy.  I take pictures when I’m amused and/or amazed (it doesn’t take much, as you can tell).  My posts are typically guided by what pictures I’ve taken during the week, as I like to be able to show you what I’m talking about. Although frankly, even the things that are bothersome or frustrating in the moment are at least a little bit funny, looking back at them through the lens of a little time.  And wine.  I promise you’re hearing those stories (the tram, the mosquitos, and the heat!) even if they’re lighthearted and perhaps watered down by the time I write about it.  That said, I don’t want you to think that everything here is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, so this time around I’ll only talk about serious academic stuff and all the downsides of living in Bordeaux… Read More